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In The Long Run - 'Located'
Maura Isles, Rizzoli and Isles, Jane Rizzoli
Hey! So this is my first fan-fiction story to be posted on here. I am slightly nervous to see what people think; but I do appreciate constructive criticism.. Enjoy! 

Fic: In The Long Run. (Idina Menzel / Kristin Chenoweth)
Title: Located.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel
Spoilers: none
Summary: Audition.
Disclaimer: No affiliation, all fan-fic, blah, blah, blah.

Waiting for her turn isn’t so bad; it settles the nerves to an extent. Finally, though, the brunette is guided in to the room. This is it. This is –the- audition. She greets the table of crew members, with a particular blonde woman catching her eye. She knows her by name from the media, but not in person. Never has she seen any one person radiate so much happiness. Pushing that aside for the time being, she takes a seat before the table, her hands fidgeting.

The people that lined the table hushed as the tall, slightly awkward brunette appeared before them. They were as over this audition process as they could be. They could just stick with Stephanie, but still felt that she was better suited for the tour rather than the Broadway run. This didn’t leave them much choice.

The green lipstick, dark eyeliner, and combat boots, were an original touch according to one woman. Answering required questions, the brunette who is now recognized to be Idina Menzel is more than delighted when she is asked to sing. Defying Gravity; time to go above and beyond.

She sings perfectly; mostly. She gets the song spot on; mostly. She makes it through it all; mostly. Then it comes. She scratches on a note, followed by cursing. A shade of pink takes refuge on her astounding cheek bones. Continuing the song, she lowers her head in shame at the end. As shallow as it is, this brunette has a need to be liked; things are not looking good.

The crew look back and forth from each other, scribbling notes, giving subtle nods, meaningful looks. Idina sits in her chair, looking at her fiddling hands. She dares not to look up at what she thinks will be the rejection of her services. Was this really going to be any different?

“Thank you, Ms Menzel. We’ll contact you”. There were smiles of appreciation, but nothing solid. Nothing set in stone.

“Thank you”. With this, the brunette nods and stands. Forgetting her initial interest in the radiating blonde woman, Idina, awkwardly and inwardly scolding herself, made her way out of the room.

Idina left the interview, feeling very displeased with herself; understandably. The interview went badly. Singing was her forte- yet she managed to stuff it up. Story of my life.

“What are our thoughts?” Joe knew what his were; he needed to make sure the rest were the same. “Kristin?”

The tiny blonde woman on the end of the table was paying no attention to the rest of the people in the room. Her gaze was fixed upon the chair that just housed the presence of a rather intriguing woman. What was that...?

There were several eye rolls and light murmurs. Kristin was barely ever the person to not be paying attention to everything. She was very alert; annoyingly alert at times.

“Kristin?” Joe was growing a little impatient. Picking up a script, he lightly connected it with Kristin’s upper arm. The blonde woman jumped and shrieked quietly.

“Huh?” Her attention is now on the people in the room, but having no idea of what was going on. “I’m sorry, did I miss something?” She knew by the audible frustration that she had zoned out for a period of time. She offered a sheepish look; it was the best she could do.

“What did you think of... uh” looking down to her resume and headshot, Joe found a name, “Idina Menzel?”

Appearing to be thinking about it, Kristin eventually gave a nod. “I liked her. I think we’ve found our Elphaba”. She didn’t need to think about it. She knew from the time the woman walked in the room that she was who they were looking for; despite her obvious mishap.

There are nods and smiles of approval. “Bring in the next”. This audition process was more painful than any of them could remember.

“That was the last” Finally the process is over and all that is left was the decision; which it seemed like it was already made.

Michelle, Leo, Kristin, Winnie, and Jo all nodded simultaneously, and things were settled.


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YAAYH!! First off thank you for writing a fic! I do love me some Chenzel, but the comm is pretty dead now days :/

I really enjoyed this!! No need to be nervous <3

Will you write more? *looks at you with big pleading eyes*

This was a fic that I wrote ages ago that I only just posted in Chenzel Romance! I was going to write you a new one that featured around the heartbreak quote! :D I hate how the Chenzel fics are getting lesser and lesser -.-

I have the next chapter for this one written, and I'll write the one that I intended to write for you :)

Thank you!

Yes please! I'm so keen to see what you'd come up with around Cheno's quotes and tweets :)

MORE Chenzel fic in any sense is always a good thing!

Yes, do write more and what's this with practically 2 identical icons?

I shall :D

And, it's obviously a really popular icon :)

Lol! It's a great shot of them that's why!

How I wish there was a recording of that audition somewhere. . .

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