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Title: Heartbroken
Rating: PG
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel
Spoilers: none
Summary: Based on the tweet from Kristin; Will heartbreak ever completely stop, on any level? No.
Disclaimer: No affiliation, all fan-fic, blah, blah, blah.


It wasn’t until the moments where she was truly alone that Kristin felt the weight of her past drag her down. The moments where she could hear her own breathing instead of that of the person she watched walk away all those years ago. The moments that she truly hated herself for what had happened in the time that she was the happiest she had ever been.

“Hi, I’m Idina! And you’re Kristin, aren’t you? I’ve heard so much about you – about how your role was written for you and everything! It’s great to finally meet you!” Idina had said in one rushed sentence.

She was overwhelming, at first, Kristin recalled. Sitting on her lounge suite with a photo album open on her lap and a packet of Rolos in her hand, Kristin was torturing herself with the memories that used to keep her alive. She was loud, clueless, and exceedingly clumsy, she continued.

“Idina, watch out for the set!” Kristin would continuously and tirelessly call out in an attempt to save as much damage to the Wicked set as possible. Idina was infamous for her continuous breakages.

She always was hopeless when it came to doing more than one thing at a time, Kristin had to let out a choked laugh. Tears started leaking from Kristin’s eyes slowly as she turned page after page, memories of specific photos flooding back abruptly. She had started the album a couple of weeks in to the Wicked rehearsals, not knowing at the time how integral it would become in her life. She was so awkward during our first lunch alone, Kristin reminisced, looking at a photo of the cafe they frequented.

“So, uh... come here often?” Idina had asked as they walked inside the small cafe. All Kristin did was raise an eyebrow. “Oh, right, of course. You’ve been with everyone else for the past month or so, so how would you have had time to come here. Unless, of course, you came after rehearsals... which don’t end until well in to the night. So, uh... come here often beforehand?” she had rambled, trying to fill in the silence with something a little less awkward, but not succeeding.

It only took a few conversations for her to calm down and talk collectedly, Kristin smiled through her salty tears. She was well aware that these nights that she sat reminiscing on her past were unhealthy for her, and that she was forever going to be haunted by it if she never let it go, but she just couldn’t. How do you let go the one thing that you promised to always hold on to, she asked herself.

“Kristin, please!” Idina had pleaded, “Please don’t do this!” But for Kristin, it was the only thing that she could do. She had carried it out for too long before she had come to her senses, and though it was going to hurt them both, it was for the best. “I have to” Kristin had replied quietly, unable to make eye contact.

How can the right thing be so hard, Kristin sighed. Many nights she spent awake wondering if she had truly done the right thing, or was it just the safe thing at the time. As she kept turning pages, she remembered more about her life with Idina, more about the time when she was completely happy. It hurt her, but she was terrified of forgetting, therefore the cycle continued. Things had been easier when we were still happy, Kristin recalled.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Joe had asked time and time again. People had noticed a change in their performances, a change in the way their characters came together. They had gone from San Francisco to Broadway, and though appearances were being kept up, things weren’t the same and people knew it.

I let my emotions get in the way, Kristin chastised in her mind, a few of her tears splashing across each page. She had been in love. She had been happy. Sitting alone in her living room, she remembered how she used to feel, how it used to feel to be connected to another person. She remembered why things didn’t work out how they wanted, and she remembered the people that she was hurting. Taye didn’t deserve any of it, Kristin sobbed.

“What if your husband finds out?” Kristin had asked exasperatedly. “I tried to stay away from you, Kris, as per your request, but I couldn’t! I love you” Idina then countered, “I’ll leave him. We’ll finish Wicked, and we’ll have the life that we both want.” Kristin considered it for a single beat, but she knew in her heart that what they were doing was wrong. “You can learn to love him again” she had whispered.

I pushed her away because I was scared, Kristin whispered, startling herself. Without having realized, she had finished the pack of Rolos that she was holding and had started tearing the packaging in to small pieces. It had always been a habit of hers – to wreck whatever she was holding if she was thinking intently. Turning the page again, there was a picture of her and Idina from the 2010 Tony awards. That was a good night, she smiled weakly.

“It’s been a while” Idina said coolly as she had come face to face with Kristin. Kristin nodded in agreement, a pang of guilt surging through her. There had been a minute silence between them before Kristin perked up the courage to ask, “How’s Taye?” Pain crossed over Idina’s eyes, but she regained herself before saying, “He’s great. He’s better than great... we have a son now.” Kristin smiled weakly, “I heard. I’m sure he’s beautiful. I’m glad that you’re happy.” Idina had shaken her head sadly, “I never said that,” she said before walking off.

The first time I saw her in person after so many years she still made me tingle, Kristin sighed. She had stretched out on the lounge now, the photo album leaning up against her thighs as her legs were bent. These memories were ones that she tried to keep at bay, the ones that no one but she, Idina, and Denny knew about (she had to tell someone before she went crazy). We shouldn’t have done what we did but how could I deny what was there, Kristin mentally asked.

Kristin had made sure to catch Idina at the end of the ceremony, needing to know what it was that she meant. “Idina!” she called out, then watched as the woman turned around. Kristin had caught up to her and they moved together away from the mass of people. “Kris... I can’t do this” Idina said quietly. Kristin melted at the use of her nickname from the person that she loved still to that day. “I just want to know what you meant” Kristin insisted, “please.” She had known that she probably didn’t have the right to know, but she couldn’t help but enquire. Idina sighed. “I haven’t been happy since the day I walked away at your request” she had explained.

It had to have been the easy option, but not the right one, Kristin concluded. She had never come to a conclusion on the ever going question before, but something about looking through the album this time had changed. She took a moment to take some deep breaths, looking around her living room. Maddie was in Broken Arrow for the week, so Kristin was truly alone and she didn’t like it. What happened next, Kristin tried to remember.

“I’m so sorry” Kristin whispered. Idina had laughed humourlessly, “So you kept telling me.”Kristin felt beyond guilty and it was a horrible feeling. She could have had the woman she always wanted, but instead she had opted for the safe option. “I’ve never stopped loving you” Kristin whispered, and before she could have taken another breath, she felt the familiarity of Idina’s lips upon her own. Everything was coming back to her – how in love she had been, how hurt she had been, how much she had hurt Idina, watching Idina walk away. Despite all of that, however, she had still taken the next step.

It shouldn’t have happened, but I can’t regret it, Kristin whispered out loud. The actions of that night flooding her vision. She recalled how they had slipped away, how their lips barely left each others, how both their dresses had pooled at their feet, how they didn’t even take their heels off, how they both knew it was wrong but neither one was strong enough to stop it. Everything about that night was barely ever retrieved by Kristin, but in the times that it was she wondered whether it was ever revisited by the love of her life too. Then came the last time we would ever see each other, Kristin sighed, fresh tears forming.

“I’ll walk you to your car, but that has to be the last that we can see each other” Idina had said once they were both redressed and looking presentable, “I have a son now... I can’t compromise my family.” Kristin nodded weakly. She had understood that she lost her chance long ago, and now Idina was calling the shots. As they had gotten to the car waiting for Kristin, they were stopped as Idina closed the door behind Kristin. They two of them put on their public smiles for the camera that was waiting to take the shot, then with one last goodbye, Idina had been left to watch the one person she was truly in love with leave her life for good.

That was the last photo of us ever taken... Will heartbreak ever completely stop, on any level? No, Kristin thought to herself, closing the photo album and letting it fall to the floor. As usual, reminiscing had left her in no state to do anything but cry on her couch until she regained the strength to get up and put the photo album back in its hiding place. This was what her life had been reduced to, and she knew she deserved it.

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Fic: The moment.
Title: The moment.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kate Beckett/ Richard Castle
Spoilers: none
Summary: Set after Detective Beckett is shot.
Disclaimer: No affiliation, all fan-fic, blah, blah, blah.


Kate... I love you. I love you, Kate.


M-mum? What’s going on?

Oh sweetie. What have you gotten yourself in to?

But you’re gone. I can see you... that mean I’m... I..?

Now, now, Katie. Let’s not get ourselves worked up just yet. Let’s just see if we can get you out of this.

What do you mean? You wan-No mum! I’m not leaving you. I can’t.

You don’t belong here, it isn’t your time, and you know that. Just listen to me.

But I-

Just listen, we don’t have much time. Yes, you were shot at Captain Montgomery’s funeral, and yes, since I’m here you’re giving in the fight. But you can’t, Katie. You hear me? It isn’t your time. You don’t give up. You don’t belong with me yet; you should be with your father, with Rick and his family, the boys at the Precinct.

I can’t lose you again.

You’re not losing me. I’m always with you, always. But there are people that need you on the other side. People that love and care about you. People that rely and count on you, people that you can help. They need you.

It’s so hard. I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I’m exhausted. Work is exhausting, Josh is exhausting, and even dad can be exhausting.

Just as I remember your father. But listen, Katie; you don’t give up. Ever since you were a little girl, you never gave up. Take a few weeks from work; heaven knows you have year’s worth of sick-leave. As for Josh – you know what you want to do there, sweetie. You don’t love him. Not like you should. Not like you deserve. You know I was never one to meddle in your love life unless you came to me, but this time you need it. Wake up and see what’s in front of you. Wake up and see what you have that is worth living for.

Rick... He... I told him we were over. He told me that we weren’t going to win this, and I told him that we were over. He helped me... coddled me whilst Captain Montgomery was being shot. He told me he was sorry.

He’s been there for you for three years, Katie. He has always been there for you. He loves you. His family adore you. He’s good for you. And your father and I approve. Find the things that are worth living for, and don’t give up.

I don’t know if I can face him mum. After all I said to him, he still tried to save my life. He still stood by my side, as stubbornly as ever. I don’t know how to make it up to him.

I don’t think you’re going to need to. Do you remember what happened once you were shot?

There was screaming, but it was faint and muffled in my ears. People were moving everywhere but I was focused on Castle and those eyes. Then things started to fade.

He told you he loved you. He said it, Kate. After three years, he opened up to you with what he was feeling.

I was dying... what if... what if he said it just because I was dying?

Stop trying to make excuses! He loves you, your friends and father love you, and you’re damn good at your job. That’s four good reasons why you should be there fighting for your life, and not arguing with your mother.

He wants me to walk away from this case, mum. After all this time, he wants me to just walk away!

He’s right. You’re scared to find out who you are without it. But if you don’t walk away, you’re going to hurt the people that love you. It isn’t time, Katie.

Mum... I can’t.

You can, and you will. You wouldn’t listen to Rick, and look where that has gotten you. Listen to your mother. Let it go for now. Get back on your feet, sort your life out, and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be ready to solve this case fully. Please, do this for me.

I don’t think I can do it without you.

You’re not alone. You have your father, you have your friends, you have Rick’s family, and more importantly, you have Rick who is going to stand by your side through everything.

I need to do this. I can do this. I can get my life back. I can do this, mum. For you, I can do this.

That’s my girl. Now go show some authority!

I love you mum, you never forget that, do you?

Never. I love you too, and I’ll always keep an eye over you. Now go!


“Castle?” Kate whimpered. As she tried moving, she was hit with a large surge of pain through her midsection, causing her to groan.

“She’s coming back to us, guys!” the ambulance officer called. The ambulance came to a halt at the hospital. Within seconds, the back doors flung open to reveal more medical staff waiting to help.

“I’m here, Kate” Rick assured, letting out the breath he had been holding in since his partner, his friend, flat-lined, “I’m here”. He jumped out of the ambulance, watching as Kate was carefully taken out before being rushed inside.


Rick had lost count of the hours he had waited for Kate to get out of surgery. Within that time, however, Jim Beckett, Ryan and Esposito, Lanie, Martha and Alexis had shown up at the hospital and were waiting in the lounge, waiting for any form of news.

More time passed, and the writer was becoming increasingly frustrated. He paced, he sat, he paced again, he inquired at the front desk, he let out some choice words whilst nearly letting his fist connect with the wall, and he sat again. The boys were keeping him in check, but they knew that there was only so much they could do.

Too many hours later if you asked Kate’s friends and family, a doctor in blue scrubs came through double doors and stopped in front of the group.

“Family of Detective Beckett?” he inquired, focusing most of his attention on Jim Beckett, clearly assuming he was the father.

Jim nodded his head calmly, prompting the man to continue. He couldn’t trust his voice at that moment.

“We managed to retrieve the bullet and stop the internal bleeding. Due to the nature of the bullet, she’s going to be very sore and in recovery for few days. Whoever shot her knew what they wer-”

“When can we see her?” Castle interrupted with determination, barely recognizing his own voice.

“She’s going to be out for a while, but we’ll let two in at a time” he explained, understanding the man’s urgency. He was covered in her blood, after all, the surgeon reasoned.

Everyone looked to Jim and Rick. Wide-eyed, Castle looked around at everyone else. A silent decision had been made. Ryan and Esposito, along with Lanie, Martha, and Alexis just wanted to know that Beckett was going to pull through. Castle had to see her. He needed proof to believe that she had made it.

The three men walked through the halls of the hospital, eyes trained ahead. It seemed like the longest walk of the writer’s life as he followed the surgeon, his partner’s father beside him.

Entering a room, Rick did a quick sweep before his eyes landed on her. The room looked cold, lifeless, and empty, much like the woman in the bed did. Had it not been for the faint rise and fall of her chest, Castle would have sworn she was dead.

“Take as long as you like, but call someone when she wakes up” the man in the scrubs informed Jim before taking his leave.

This was it; the moment that both Jim and Rick, among countless others, had tried to avoid. The moment that saw Detective Kate Beckett, the best Homicide Detective in the 12th Precinct, at her weakest. The moment that no one hoped to see again.

Absentmindedly, Castle took up residence in the seat on the left side of the bed. Jim stood back. Not because there were no other chairs, but because he knew how important this was for the writer.

“You made it” Rick whispered, “you pulled through. That, Detective Beckett, makes you extraordinary”.

As gently as ever, he took the woman’s left hand and placed it in between his own. He was surprised that it wasn’t as cold as it looked. For all the scenes he had written, all the scenarios he had come up with, this one seemed more surreal to him than the rest.

More time passed with still no one paying any attention to just how much. All Castle took note of was how dark it had gotten outside, and even then nothing registered. He hadn’t let go of Kate’s hand, but he had closed his eyes and leaned down to rest his head gently on the bed next to Kate. At the first signal of something changing, thanks to one of the many machines, Castle’s head whipped up, his body following suit immediately.

“Kate? Kate, come back to me” he said tenderly. He started to gently trace his fingers down the side of her face, aiming to get her attention.

“R-rick” was the quiet, groggy reply. The injured detective tried to sit up fraction more, but immense pain coursing through her caused a wince and prevented it from happening.

“It’s okai. Just stay down” Rick ordered gently, his hand now running down her hair in a soothing manner. “You’re going to be fine.”

“Easy for... you to say” choked Kate, attempting to give an eye-roll but opting to close her eyes instead.

“There’s my Detective” Rick whispered with a smile.


Watching this exchange between his daughter and the man she had come to love, Jim didn’t have the heart to interrupt so he silently excused himself, hovering outside the door instead.


“You’re not going to like this... but doctors orders are for you to stay in here for a few days” Castle explained. His hand was still smoothing down the luscious brown locks, his eyes locked directly on Kate’s.

All Kate could do was groan. The last thing she wanted was to remain in the hospital. Sure, she was going to back off from her mum’s case for now, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have other places to be- places that weren’t the hospital. Hospital.... Josh. She let out another groan.

“I know it doesn’t sound fun, but we’ll keep you company” the writer grinned.

“Castle... can you... can you go and get Josh? He should be on duty... I need to talk to him” Kate asked quietly. She knew what she had to do and what better place and time to do it.

The grin dropped from Castle’s face quicker than it had appeared. Without question, however, he nodded, straightened up, and left the room.


“How is she?” asked Jim as he saw Castle exit the room.

“Awake and talking, so that’s a good sign” Rick explained, before sighing and adding, “she wants to see Josh... and not from a medical standpoint.”

Jim could see the hurt in the writer’s eyes, so placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a quick squeeze.

“I don’t think that it’s what you think, son. Just wait and see” he said sincerely.

Castle nodded and headed off towards the desk to enquire about ‘motorcycle boy’, or rather, ‘doctor motorcycle boy’.


Shortly after being paged, Josh showed up outside of Kate’s room. He was greeted by Jim, and glared at by Rick. They looked as though they were keeping guard, even though there were uniforms standing outside the door too.

Entering the room, Josh rushed straight over to his girlfriend’s side. He had heard that she was admitted, but due to the nature of their relationship and the fact that he was wrist deep in someone chest, he was denied operating on her.

“Hey” Kate said quietly. She gave him what she could muster up of a smile, which turned out to be a whisper of a crooked smile.

“Hey yourself” Josh replied quietly, bending down to give her a kiss on the forehead. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I was shot” she deadpanned. She knew what she had to do, and the doctor making nice was not going to make it easy. “I saw my mum, Josh.”

The doctor stared at Kate, unsure of what to make of her admission.

“I flat-lined in the ambulance” she said quietly, as if that explained everything. “I was dying, and I saw my mum. She helped me back, on the promise of a few things.”

Somehow, Josh knew where this was headed. It had been coming for a while, no matter how much he tried to prevent it.

“I can’t do this, us, anymore” she whispered, closing her eyes. She was hurting him, and she didn’t want to see it.

“Get better” was all Josh said before turning abruptly and leaving the room.


Outside of Kate’s room, Jim and Rick stood in silence. The writer was thinking up different scenarios of what could be happening inside the room, but before he could complete the one he was on, he heard the door open and Josh come out.

“Just make sure you look after her. She’s all yours” the doctor said before retreating.

Castle gave a look of astonishment to Jim before hurrying back to Kate’s side. This time he sat on the edge of the bed, taking her hand in his again. He was questioning her silently with his eyes, not wanting to verbally push the matter.

There were a few minutes of silence before someone spoke.

“I told him we were over” Kate finally said. She opened her eyes to see Castle’s staring back at her, in to her.

“Kate?” he questioned verbally this time.

“’Nowhere relationships with men you don’t love’” the Detective quoted. “I couldn’t do it anymore. It wasn’t fair to him, to me, or to you.”

There was an unmistakable gleam in the writer’s eyes. Sure, he had always hoped to have his chance with the woman that he loved, but he didn’t tell her he loved her because he was pushing for anything to happen between them, he told her because she needed to know. She needed something to hang on to.

“Are you saying...?” Rick whispered, unable to finish his sentence. For someone who made a living with words, he was surely having hard time with them as of late.

“Always” Kate nodded slowly.

With the utmost affection showing across his features, Castle bent down slowly, bringing his lips tenderly to Kate’s, kissing her softly and smiling when he felt her kiss back. This was the moment he had always been waiting for.

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Hufflepuffians are crazy, man!
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Nah, she's not that bad... on selected days. However, tonight she's being a something-or-other that sounds like it's giving birth to a calf... Yeah, she's a little on the whacky side.

If you must know who this strange and wonderful person is, check her out! Aka, search Grumbello here or on fanfiction.net!

That's all, folks!

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Forever and a day!
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In The Long Run; Banana Vs. Strawberry
Maura Isles, Rizzoli and Isles, Jane Rizzoli
Fic: In The Long Run. (Idina Menzel / Kristin Chenoweth)
Title: Banana Vs Strawberry.
Rating: PG
Fandom: RPF
Pairing: Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel
Spoilers: none
Summary: Negotiating the contract
Disclaimer: No affiliation, all fan-fic, blah, blah, blah.

“Banana is yellow. It outshines strawberry any day”. The blonde is set in her reasoning. Kristin and Joe are known to have the most random of conversations. Winnie just sits back, pretending that she would rather be anywhere else, but secretly listening. The trio look up as they hear a commotion at the entrance to the cafe.

Tall, brunette, astounding cheekbones, great figure; Idina is picture perfect. Clumsiness, awkwardness, nerves, cursing; Idina is also a mess. Smiling widely, the woman joins the trio already seated in the booth. Late- hopefully fashionably. Idina’s smile fades slightly seeing the frown on Joe’s face. Oh no.

“Banana or strawberry?” Kristin is more alert in the woman’s presence this time; much to Joe and Winnie’s relief. An eyebrow raised, Kristin tilts her head in curiosity.

“Excuse me?”

“Banana or strawberry. Which is better?”

“Uh, banana?” Is this rhetorical? Or, is she just mad? “In what context though?”

“Ladies!” Winnie is now less than amused. Joe is rummaging through his brief. This pair always got stuck doing the more elaborate work, whilst the rest of the crew and cast wrote music, pranced around the rehearsal space, and God knows what else.

The three women look to Joe as he pulls paperwork out of his brief. He mumbles to himself incoherently. The stack of papers now on the table Idina can only imagine that they resemble her contract. The day she left the audition, inwardly scolding herself, was the day she heard from Joe; the day that changed her life.

“This is your contract, Idina. I suspect it is close enough to what you want the final copy to look like. I will have a copy sent over to your agent and you can go through it with them”. Joe knows what he is doing. He did the same thing when signing Kristin up. Kristin, Leo, Michele, even Stephanie, and the rest of the cast. Idina nods.

“Thank you. I am sure it is fine, but he would love to look over it anyway”. Idina doesn’t know why they’re all meeting this particular day. The contract was being sent to her agent before she even looks at it. What is the point of this? He doesn’t expect me to read through that... does he? Why is Kristin so darn happy?! Winnie seems a little testy; maybe ‘cause I wa- The woman’s inner monologue is interrupted by Kristin’s phone. She excuses herself and answers it.

“Can I ask about the banana and the strawberry?” Idina is curious to say the least. She has no idea what to make of the question, and Kristin is clearly over it. She takes Joe’s head shake as a cue not to enquire further. Either it is really unimportant, or some sort of strange fetish.

“I have to shoot through on today”. Kristin returns to the booth but doesn’t sit down. “Just some personal stuff. Idina, it is a pleasure to meet you, and we will definitely catch up this week!”

“Readings start in a week, Kristin. Bright and early!” Joe is unimpressed, but can’t say anything as he is soon to bail on the situation too.

“Lovely to meet you too! Of course!” Idina cannot help but smile. Kristin’s mood is infectious. And, she still hasn’t had the chance to meet the woman properly. We’ll be working together for quite some time. Surely we’ll meet each other forma- Idina shakes her head. Her thought process is clearly not something that can be finished in the presence of some people.

Winnie slides a card to the brunette that is now back on earth. The card says ‘Kristin Chenoweth’ and displays her mobile number.

“Contact her this week and get to know each other before rehearsals Monday morning. We’re going to head off. Some of us have a lot of work to do” Joe and Winnie shake Idina’s hand and head of together.

Gee, is everyone but the strange tiny blonde woman in a bad mood? Idina looks around, only now realizing that she is alone in the booth. Wow, don’t I feel like a-

“Can I get you something?” A young blonde waitress appears with a notepad and pen in hand. She raises an eyebrow seeing the frustration in the brunette’s face.

Gah! “Just a... salad sandwich and an orange juice please” Idina is hungry, and if she has to eat alone; so be it.

The blonde woman is a few blocks from the cafe when she receives another phone call. Her ‘personal stuff’ is a false alarm. Gosh darn! She makes her way back to the cafe, looking through the glass windows as she approaches. The other two ditched her? Boy, don’t I feel bad... She bounces in to the cafe and rejoins the brunette.

“False alarm”. Kristin was a little embarrassed. But, there were going to be a lot more embarrassment between the two, so she isn’t too fussed. “Mind if I rejoin ya?”

“That’s fine. I just ordered though. You can have half”. Idina gave a smile, happy that she is finally with the star of Broadway that has heard so much about. “I’m Idina, by the way”.

“I know who ya are, silly! I was at ya audition.”

“Yes, I do recall you being there (radiating too much)... I am a huge fan of your work, by the way!” And your accent!

In The Long Run - 'Located'
Maura Isles, Rizzoli and Isles, Jane Rizzoli
Hey! So this is my first fan-fiction story to be posted on here. I am slightly nervous to see what people think; but I do appreciate constructive criticism.. Enjoy! 

Fic: In The Long Run. (Idina Menzel / Kristin Chenoweth)
Title: Located.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel
Spoilers: none
Summary: Audition.
Disclaimer: No affiliation, all fan-fic, blah, blah, blah.

Waiting for her turn isn’t so bad; it settles the nerves to an extent. Finally, though, the brunette is guided in to the room. This is it. This is –the- audition. She greets the table of crew members, with a particular blonde woman catching her eye. She knows her by name from the media, but not in person. Never has she seen any one person radiate so much happiness. Pushing that aside for the time being, she takes a seat before the table, her hands fidgeting.

The people that lined the table hushed as the tall, slightly awkward brunette appeared before them. They were as over this audition process as they could be. They could just stick with Stephanie, but still felt that she was better suited for the tour rather than the Broadway run. This didn’t leave them much choice.

The green lipstick, dark eyeliner, and combat boots, were an original touch according to one woman. Answering required questions, the brunette who is now recognized to be Idina Menzel is more than delighted when she is asked to sing. Defying Gravity; time to go above and beyond.

She sings perfectly; mostly. She gets the song spot on; mostly. She makes it through it all; mostly. Then it comes. She scratches on a note, followed by cursing. A shade of pink takes refuge on her astounding cheek bones. Continuing the song, she lowers her head in shame at the end. As shallow as it is, this brunette has a need to be liked; things are not looking good.

The crew look back and forth from each other, scribbling notes, giving subtle nods, meaningful looks. Idina sits in her chair, looking at her fiddling hands. She dares not to look up at what she thinks will be the rejection of her services. Was this really going to be any different?

“Thank you, Ms Menzel. We’ll contact you”. There were smiles of appreciation, but nothing solid. Nothing set in stone.

“Thank you”. With this, the brunette nods and stands. Forgetting her initial interest in the radiating blonde woman, Idina, awkwardly and inwardly scolding herself, made her way out of the room.

Idina left the interview, feeling very displeased with herself; understandably. The interview went badly. Singing was her forte- yet she managed to stuff it up. Story of my life.

“What are our thoughts?” Joe knew what his were; he needed to make sure the rest were the same. “Kristin?”

The tiny blonde woman on the end of the table was paying no attention to the rest of the people in the room. Her gaze was fixed upon the chair that just housed the presence of a rather intriguing woman. What was that...?

There were several eye rolls and light murmurs. Kristin was barely ever the person to not be paying attention to everything. She was very alert; annoyingly alert at times.

“Kristin?” Joe was growing a little impatient. Picking up a script, he lightly connected it with Kristin’s upper arm. The blonde woman jumped and shrieked quietly.

“Huh?” Her attention is now on the people in the room, but having no idea of what was going on. “I’m sorry, did I miss something?” She knew by the audible frustration that she had zoned out for a period of time. She offered a sheepish look; it was the best she could do.

“What did you think of... uh” looking down to her resume and headshot, Joe found a name, “Idina Menzel?”

Appearing to be thinking about it, Kristin eventually gave a nod. “I liked her. I think we’ve found our Elphaba”. She didn’t need to think about it. She knew from the time the woman walked in the room that she was who they were looking for; despite her obvious mishap.

There are nods and smiles of approval. “Bring in the next”. This audition process was more painful than any of them could remember.

“That was the last” Finally the process is over and all that is left was the decision; which it seemed like it was already made.

Michelle, Leo, Kristin, Winnie, and Jo all nodded simultaneously, and things were settled.


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I'm new to using LiveJournal, so bare with me! :D I joined this site because I found some of the most incredible fan-fiction I have ever read on here, and I wanted to be apart of things! 

I have a few stories going at the moment, but I am going to stick with my Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth one to start with! Only because I do not think my Shelby Corcoran and April Rhodes (Glee) story falls in to the same standards that I have read on here! :D 

I do read a lot of the Idina and Kristin stories on here, and so chances are if you have written one, I have read it- and let me just say, that you are phenomenal! 

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